I use music to raise my life quality

My name is Jørgen Lundegård. I’m from Norway, and I love music!

When I was just one year old I would sit on my father’s lap and play drums as he would hold and play with my arms, but I really started playing music when I was about 9 years old. I was taught how to play guitar by my father and an uncle of mine. Some years later I decided to buy a drum kit. Since then I have been playing and performing regularly on many different instruments, such as: ukulele, mandolin, singing, bass and banjo, but chiefly guitar and drums. I can’t count all the hours I have spent just practicing throughout the years, but the feeling when you master an instrument in front of a cheering audience, great or small. Everything is worth it! It’s indescribable. Life is just like music, you will have to put a lot of effort into it to get a lot in return. 


My family consists of my parents, myself, my younger brother and two younger sisters, and music is something we all cherish. Even though our music tastes are a little different, we can all find common ground and enjoy it together. We go to concerts together, listen together, and even play together. That is something that has helped with the bonds of our family and something that will always unite us.

I use music to raise my life quality, here are some examples:

o   When I'm sad, I listen to receive comfort.

o   When I am happy, I listen to express my joy.

o   When I'm confused, I listen to ponder.

o   When I study, I listen to focus.

o   When I run or exercise, I listen for motivation.

o   When I get tired, I listen to rest. 


So, I love music. However, sometimes it can interfere with our connection with God. Not only can we communicate with God, but He can also communicate with us—on the condition that we are available and receptive. So sometimes I take a break, to listen for answers in my life and for direction from above.

Even God loves music! He has said that they are a prayer to Him. In church we sing hymns. A very different music from what I would usually listen to, but it’s so beautiful when we all come together to sing. It is really easy to feel the Spirit. One time I had a question—if God even exists—and I really needed an answer. After having searched the scriptures and given my all to find the truth, I said a prayer. Finally after so long I received my answer, in a song! Suddenly I remembered lyrics from a song I though I had forgotten. And the feeling! The strongest feeling I have ever felt. A feeling of love, surety and safety. Immediately I started to cry. All the doubt that I had before was gone.

I am so grateful for music. It really is one of many gifts that we have been given from God. It is amazing to think of all the beautiful things that we are surrounded with, for some of which we sometimes forget. It strengthens my testimony of Him, the Composer of the World. I am Jørgen, and I’m a Mormon!

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